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There is no denying the fact that Covid-19 is affecting all of us in some way. I have had to shut down my practice and I am so sad not being able to help my clients with their physical pain management and anxieties during this crazy time. I am thankful that my husband can work from home, my kids can do school remotely, and that I'm given the time to tap in to some creativity and work on things I have been wanting to implement for both my Back To Health Bodywork and Three Reasons Collection businesses. Positive Takeaways: This WILL end--That saying "Nothing lasts forever" is worth repeating over and over! We are ALL in this together--This is not just happening to a select group of people or businesses, it is happening to everyone around the world! Take comfort in that fact...In a way, it's something that brings the human race together, which is definitely what we need.
What can you do if your stress levels are skyrocketing?
1) Stay informed, but don't obsessively check the news--Stay safe and know what the advised safety precautions are but limit your screen time!
2) Focus on things you CAN control--Don't focus on the unknown, but instead take the steps to reduce your and your family's risk.
3) Stay connected even when social distancing--Don't let yourself socially disconnect!
4) Take care of your body and spirit--Apply stress management strategies such as: eating healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep, meditating/praying, be kind to yourself--show yourself grace, maintain a routine--some sort of normalcy, take time to do things you enjoy--read, play a game, do a puzzle or a craft. Do something that takes you out of your worry zone. Get out in nature, exercise!
5) Help others--"We're standing far apart now so we can embrace each other   later" (a quote circulating in Italy) Focus on others in need.
I hope this list can help give you some ideas on how to help manage your stress & anxiety right now! When Back To Health Bodywork is back up and running,


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