Body Butter vs. Lotion

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Happy New Year!!

I feel like I need to express to everyone how thankful & grateful I am for the way Three Reasons was supported over the holidays! Y'all are amazing and you made me feel like I'm on the right track. I have some great ideas in store for 2019 that I will be so excited to share with you! Just a hint: new products and a new line will be introduced!!

I wanted to start the New Year off answering some Most Asked Questions about my Body Care product line.  I will begin with "What is the actual difference between a Body Butter vs. Body Lotion, and how do you use the Body Butter?" I will compare the two in the most purest, preservative-free form.

Let's start with Lotion. Lotion is created by combining oil and water with an emulsifier and has a lightweight consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin. A lotion would actually be good for someone with oily or not so dry skin. This seems strange but I know I have used lotions sometimes and 10 minutes later my skin is dry again! Oily skin still needs to be moisturized so a lotion is good for this. Since lotion has a high amount of water in it, it will have a shorter shelf-life and will mold much more quickly than a body butter. This is why it's hard to hand-craft a lotion without needing to add a preservative. Since my goal is to create products as natural as possible and preservative free, I chose to research Body Butters instead of Lotions for my TRC Body Care line.

Now let's take a look at Body Butters. These are generally a mix of butters and oils and if you have dry or sensitive skin, this is your best option. Body Butters are used to retain moisture, lubricate and nourish the skin, in essence, it is a rich moisturizer as well as a skin protector. Body Butters stay on the skin longer, helping to prevent the loss of moisture and deeply moisturize overtime. It is great for especially dry patches like elbows, knees, hands and feet, but may be too heavy for the face. Other skin conditions Body Butter is recommended for are: itching skin, sunburn, dryness due to cold weather, skin rashes, stretch marks, dermatitis, insect bites, eczema & psoriasis. Body Butter can feel more greasy but I use a small amount of Tapioca Starch in my recipe to help cut the oily texture and absorb more quickly. Because this is a 'heavier' product you will definitely need less than a lotion to achieve hydration. I use carrier oils that are non-comedogenic in my Whipped Body Butters which means they are specially formulated to not block pores, but you still may find it too heavy for your face. I suggest applying the Body Butter right out of the shower for best performance when using it on larger areas of your body. Just a reminder that I use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils NOT fragrance, I have really tried to create the healthiest and most natural product for you! Body Butter does have a longer shelf life than a lotion since it does not contain water but be sure to use a spoon or spatula to get what you need and don't get water splashed in your jar, this will help extend the life of the product even longer. I give the Whipped Body Butter a good 8-10 month shelf life but not sure your product will last that long because I truly think you will love it too much not to use it every single day!

So there you have it...I hope this blog helps answer your question and will help with how you best use my Whipped Body Butter! Let me know what other questions you have for me and I will make sure to get an answer for you!


Kristi Davis, LMT, MMP


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